Johanneskirche, Pirmasens

Twinning Group In Bitche, Germany

Stowmarket United Reformed Church has established a twinning link with the protestant Church, 'Johanneskirche' in Pirmasens in the Pfalz region of Germany. Johanneskirche is a congregation of the Palatinate Church. Since 2008 visits have been made between the two Churches to strengthen this partnership and through these visits our understanding of the wider Church and of our particular traditions has been strengthened. In 2009 a party from Stowmarket visited Pirmasens and a group from there plan to visit Stowmarket at the beginning of June 2010.

Twinning Group in Bury St Edmunds, UK

On the first Sunday of each month we remember each other in our morning worship, and at Stowmarket we pray for the Church at Pirmasens, their leaders, their fellowship and their continuing work and witness.

We treasure this link with our fellow Christians in Germany.

To learn more about Pirmasens, click here.



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